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Leadership Matters... So Too Does The Right Partner!

Developing a sustainable leadership pipeline is - and always has been - critical to organisational success. Yet despite this fact, many organisations struggle to identify and develop the leaders they need now, let alone the leaders they will need for the future.

That's where we come in... For over 5 years, Northpoint has been helping organisations to identify and develop leadership potential.

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How do you get the best out of your managers? How to you get them to deliver results and develop a great team at the same time? Here are 5 things you must know.

360-degree feedback is – and always has been – one of the most effective tools for increasing self-awareness. Here are some best practices for you to follow.

Influence is an extraordinary asset, and it's one of 7 foundational competencies that every leader should master. So, what is influence, and how do you develop it?

The Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader is a unique blended learning program that provides new frontline leaders with the knowledge and skills required to take on the day-to-day challenges of leadership.

Acceler 8

Acceler 8 is a unique blended learning program that provides individual contributors with the knowledge and skills required to transition to a high performane individual contributor.

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13 October 2016 – Singapore & Oxford, UK. Northpoint and HT2 Labs announce a partnership to represent their award winning social learning platform, Curatr, in Singapore, Malaysia and


Building a sustainable leadership pipeline is often cited as one of the key concerns of senior business leaders in Singapore, as globalisation and increased business complexity place higher


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