One-on-one coaching sessions with highly experienced coaches that are designed to sharpen performance, identify and overcome roadblocks, and help transition from one role to another or from one level to another.

Executive Coaching

Helping senior leaders to identify blind spots, address areas of concern and focus on their individual development needs.

Transitional Coaching

Helping leaders to identify and overcome roadblocks as they transition from one role to another or from one level to another.

Performance Coaching

Helping individuals to identify and overcome performance related issues that are negatively impacting their career.

The Approach

Coaching is an incredibly effective leadership development option... If you get it right. With this in mind we employ a rigerous and structured approach centred around two key principals:

Concise Objectives & Responsibilities

Having concise objectives and a clear understanding of responsibilities is critical to the success of any coaching engagement.

The Right Coach

Deploying the right coach is critical to the success of any coaching engagement, as coaching is often very personal and intimate.

Assess the Need

A briefing from the client on the purpose and background of the coaching assignment. The objective during this stage is to ascertain whether there really is a need for a coach, and what style of coach would be best suited.

Identify the Outcomes

A face-to-face meeting between the coachee and potential coaches is arranged over coffee. The coach is engaged and the coaching program commences when both the coach and coachee feel comfortable that they can work together.

Design the Solution

During the first session the coachee and coach agree on the coaching approach and expected outcomes. In other words, how are they going to work together and what will they focus on. This is then validated with their manager and written into the coaching contract.

Execute with Precision

The effectiveness of the coaching assignment and the coachee’s commitment is assessed at the midway point and during the final check-in with the manager. The coach and coachee then define a follow up action plan and decide whether additional coaching sessions are required.

Favourite Quotes

"At the end of the day, how your team, and the individuals within your team perform, is a true measure of your effectiveness as a leader."

Jim Livingstone

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