Acceler 8

Acceler 8

Spanning 3-6 months, Acceler 8 is a unique blended learning program that provides individual contributors with the knowledge and know-how to better to transition to a leadership role.

The Forgotten Leaders

Is your organisation filled with fogotten leaders; highly valuable individual contributors who have avoided stepping up to leadership because of a preference for staying out of the limelight?

What about those individual contrbutors who have been overlooked because they are not as vocal as others; opting to sit back and do the work while others get all the recognition?

Why you need Acceler 8

Many individual contributors have the potential to be subject matter experts or the next generation of leaders. Acceler 8 is journey of self-discovery and performance mastery that helps to build confidence.

The learning (discussions, case studies, role-plays) are completely customised around your business, with post-Workshop tasks that require learners to apply what hey have learned.

The Learning Elements

6 x Learning Units

Learning units are carefully designed, completely customised and highly pragmatic. Role plays, case studies and all learning activities are all built around your business to ensure that the learning is real.

6 x Real World Tasks
3 x Coaching Sessions
3 x Reflective Journals
Online Learning
Midway & Final Check-Ins
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