The Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader

Spanning 6-9 months, The Emerging Leader is a very real and immersive learning journey that provides new leaders with the knowledge and know-how to better manage, motivate and lead.

The Transition to Leadership

The transition from individual contributor to manager is one of the biggest challenges most leaders face in their career, as they are often promoted without the necessary guidance and support.

Faced with what might seem like overwhelming responsibilities, they often struggle to come to grips with the challenges of leadership. That's where The Emerging Leader comes in!

Why you need The Emerging Leader

Learners go on a journey of self-discovery with each learning unit building on the previous learning units. It's very nature leads to increased levels of committment and ownership.

The learning (discussions, case studies, role-plays) are completely customised around your business, with pre and post-Workshop tasks that require the learners to apply what hey have learned.

Learning units are carefully designed, completely customised and highly pragmatic. Role plays, case studies and all learning activities are all built around your business to ensure that the learning is real.
Pre and Post-Workshop tasks that are designed to provide learning in the classroom and application out of the classroom. These tasks will often involve their manager and direct reports.
Individual coaching sessions to address problem areas, sharpen performance and develop potential. Learners will be challenged to put into practice what they have learned.
Learners are required to submit regular reflective journals on what they have learned, what they have or have not tried to apply, and where they have had problems.
Learners are provided with access to additional resources online via our learning management system, which also manages the booking of their coaching sessions and submissions of their reflective journals and post workshop tasks.
In order for learners to graduate, they have to participate in a structured assessment centre to reinforce their learning, determine the effectiveness of the learning transfer and to assess capabilities. The assessment centre is assessed by 2 external and 2 internal assessors.
A midway and final check-in with the learner and their direct manager is used to discuss what they have learned, what they have tried to apply, where they have faced problems and where they need help. It's also a great way to get their manager involved and supportive of the learning.
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