What is a social learning platform?

A Social Learning Platform in a collaborative environment where learners are highly active and engaged contributors to the learning experience. Curatr is grounded in social learning, and provides learners with the opportunity to learn from one another.

Social Learning

Collaborating with other people is a fundamental part of learning. You can’t just put a blog or discussion feed on your Learning Management System and expect it to work. Curatr is grounded in social learning; it is central to the overall system.


Gamification is how we guarantee learner engagement in social learning. Done right, gamification can lead to stellar results; mass engagement, healthy competition and real recognition. Do it wrong and you can find yourself in a bit of a mess.

Digital Curation

The world is full of rich content, so let’s use it. Curatr allows you to aggregate content from around both your organisation and the wider web. You can use this as a baseline of discussion, creating a social learning experience without lifting a finger.

Feature Packed

Curatr has an incredibly simple user interface and is jam-packed with features that will captivate, engage and excite learners. It's also one of the quickest and easiest social learning platforms to administer and manage.

Social Learning

User Generated Content
Learners can easily link, upload or record content directly from their browser.
Learner Discussions
Peer Review


Challenge and reward learners for their effort through the unlocking of levels.

Learning Management

Resource Library
Gather and manage content from anywhere, or add content from your favourite authoring tools.
User Permissions


Dashboards and in-depth reporting provide a complete view on learner activity.
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