The Leader as a Coach

The Leader as a Coach; 5 Attributes of a Coaching Mindset

I don't have time to coach people... It's easier if I tell them what to do... It's quicker if I do it myself... You can't coach people who don't know what they don't know... If I don't provide the answers they will think I don't know... It's my job to solve problems...

Good Boss Bad Boss 2020

Good Boss Bad Boss: What attributes do they possess?

I was recently asked by a potential coaching client to share my views on what makes a good leader. Now, this was a very interesting question for three reasons:

Bias Balance

Bias could be limiting your progression. What you can do about it?

Whether you like it or not, we have all been guilty of bias at some point in time. We have all behaved a certain way, made decisions or passed judgement that was influenced heavily by bias.

Leadership Development Framework

Why Every Organisation Needs a Leadership Development Framework

The war on talent still rages. Adapt and evolve is the name of the game in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times, and it’s the depth of an organisation’s leadership pipeline that will determine whether they survive or thrive.

Talent Cannon

This lazy talent acquisition practice could be damaging your brand

We've all been there before... You come across a job ad for a position in an organisation that you think you are ideally suited for. The excitement mounts as you start to customise your resume.

Competency Framework

What is a competency framework and why should your organisation have one?

If a clearly defined competency framework is critical to long-term organisational success, why do so many organisations lack one? Why do so many organisations not know what is required for success in every role?

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