The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is an adrenaline filled experiential team-building activity based on the popular reality television show of the same name.

Designed to foster healthy team values and a competitive spirit, the race challenges participants to decipher clues, solve problems and overcome obstacles while navigating their way through various checkpoints in a race to the finish.

Every aspect of The Amazing Race is designed to be as realistic as possible; from the printed materials all the way through to individual team photographers capturing the moment. It's an experience not to be missed!


What Can Participants Expect?

Participants can expect to be challenged with interesting trivia, mind-bending riddles, hair-raising challenges, and a healthy competitive rivalry.

Yes it is a race. But it’s not necessarily the fastest who will win!


Learning Outcomes

The Amazing Race is highly customisable team-building activity, and can be designed to suit a myriad of locations and learning outcomes, including:

  • The importance of understanding oneself; your strengths and limitations.
  • The importance of understanding others; their strengths and limitations.
  • The importance of collaborative decision making and trust.



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