Leadership Framework

Leadership Framework: A Guide to Leadership Development

The question is not whether your organisation's leadership capabilities are evolving, but whether they are evolving at the right time, and in the right direction?

In today's constantly changing global economy, leaders need to adapt and evolve in order to succeed. Northpoint's Leadership Development Framework™ is a guide to help organisations identify their leadership development objectives now, and in the future.

Based on countless hours of research and interviews with business leaders, the framework connects the objectives and challenges faced by leaders at different levels with the competencies required for success.


Four Levels of Leadership
Leading Self Leading Others Leading a Function Leading an Organisation
Objectives Objectives Objectives Objectives
Increase personal productivity and performance Increase the productivity and performance of others Increase functional efficiencies and performance Increase overall performance and shareholder value
Lead without authority or responsibility Facilitate the crafting of a shared plan Facilitate the crafting of shared strategic objectives Facilitate the crafting of a shared vision
Contribute to the success of the team  Reinforce the vision and execute the plan Ensure proper execution of the vision Build alignment and execute the vision
Develop interpersonal relationships Develop a highly effective team Develop highly capable frontline leaders  Develop a highly capable executive team 
Competencies Competencies Competencies Competencies
Autonomy Conflict Management Change Management  Challenging
Conscientiousness Decision-Making Commercial Acumen Empowering
Creative Thinking Performance Management Delegating Energetic
Teamworking  Planning & Organising Risk Management Questioning
Time Management Problem Solving  Strategic Thinking Visionary

Universal Competencies:

Accountability | Adaptability | Communication | Influence | Learning Agility | Result-Orientation | Self Awareness