Setting New Managers up for Success

Setting New Managers up for Success

The transition from an individual contributor to a manager is one of the biggest challenges most leaders will face in their career... It's a challenge that will result in a 30 - 50 per cent drop in performance by 50 - 70 per cent of new managers. Why does this happen and what can organisations do about it?

The 4 the most important leadership questions

The 4 the most important leadership questions

They are the 4 most important questions every leader must ask, and they are also the process behind every coaching conversation... What are they, and what does coaching have to do with leadership?

Assessment & Development Centres

Best Practice: Assessment & Development Centres

Assessment and development centres have received mixed reactions over the years, and for good reason, as they are often poorly designed and deployed. Here are some best practices to observe.

5 Critical Attributes of Leaders

5 Critical Attributes of Leaders

Think about the most admired and respected leaders you know... Now ask yourself what is it that makes them stand out from the rest?

Instructing, Coaching & Mentoring

Instructing, Mentoring & Coaching: What's the difference?

Instructing, mentoring and coaching are three important skills that every leader should possess, as there will be times that they are called upon.

Successful Leadership Development Program

Best Practices: 10 Steps to a Successful Leadership Development Program

The question is not whether your organisation's leadership capabilities are evolving, but whether they are evolving at the right time, and in the right direction?

Leadership Development Down The Drain

Why Leadership Development Initiatives Fail

Globally, it is estimated that we waste in excess of 250 billion dollars each year on leadership training... Why is this, and what can we do about it?

Results Guarantee

Results Guarantee: No Grow No Pay Policy

There are learning partners, and then there are learning partners... Some talk about how they are going to deliver business impact and some deliver business impact.

Learning Agility

5 Tips to Improve Learning Agility

We are living in a world filled with rapid change and uncertainty, where learning agility has fast become one of the most sought-after skills a person can have… But can we increase learning agility?

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