One-on-one coaching sessions with highly experienced coaches help leaders achieve positive and sustainable behavioural change.

Executive Coaching

Helping leaders to identify blind spots, address areas of concern and focus on their individual development needs.

Transitional Coaching

Helping leaders to identify and overcome roadblocks as they transition from one role to another or from one level to another.

Performance Coaching

Helping leaders to identify and overcome performance related issues that are negatively impacting their career.

Guaranteed Results

Payment is only due when the coaching has resulted in a positive change in behaviour!

The Approach

Coaching is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to elicit behavioural change. With this in mind we employ a rigerous and structured approach centred around two key principals:

Stakeholder Centric

Given the fact that stakeholders are on the receiving end of the leaders behaviour, it's imperative that they play an active role in supporting their behavioural change.

Process Driven

To enable a positive and sustainable change, we employ a highly structured, albeit incredibly simple coaching process that involves the leader, their stakeholders and the coach.

Assess the Need

A briefing from the client on the purpose of the coaching assignment. The objective during this stage is to ascertain whether there really is a need for a coach. Can we actually help?

Identify the Outcomes

Using a combination of assessment tools and structured behavioural interviews, we identify the desired outcomes for the client with the help of their various stakeholders.

Design the Solution

The client and their various stakeholders are briefed on the coaching process and methodology behind it. The aim is to remove any uncertainties surrounding their roles and responsibilities.

Execute with Precision

The coach supports the client and their various stakeholders as they engage on a regular basis to define and implement actionable areas for improvement.


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