The High Impact Leader

Spanning 9 months, The High Impact Leader is a unique blended learning program that provides middle to senior level leaders the knowledge and skills required to meet their organisation’s leadership challenges.

It's a Journey

It's a Journey

It's not a training course - it's a structured learning journey; an intensive and immersive learning experience that fosters self awareness and change.
A Wholistic Approach

A Wholistic Approach

A wholistic approach employs a variety of different learning platforms and strategies that require learners to learn, practice, apply and reflect on their experience.
It's Real

It's Real

Learning must be real... With this in mind every aspect of the program (case studies, role plays, scenarios etc.) is customised and aligned to the organisation.
Modular by Design

Modular by Design

A modular design provides organisations with the opportunity to have the progam delivered in one of three different formats, depending on their needs.

3 x Learning Units

Highly practical, fully customised 2-day workshops build knowledge, knowhow and attitude.

3 x Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions reinforce learning and support the application of learning.

3 x Action Learning Sets

Individual and group activities focussed on developing creative, flexible and successful strategies to very real problems.

360-Degree Surveys

360-degree surveys are employed to increase self-awareness and measure leadership performance.

Panel Presentation

Group presentations to a panel of senior executives provide a platform for leaners to demonstrate what they have learned.

Reflective Journaling

Digital journals elicit self-awareness and reinforce learning as learners reflect on their experience.

Micro Learning

Curated content, distributed in bite-sized chunks reinforces the learning and supports the application of learning.

Manager Check-Ins

Feedforward sessions share observations and align facilitator and manager expectations and actions.