Talent Assessments

Carefully designed assessments - combined with a variety of assessment tools - enable organisations to make informed talent decisions.

Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres

Design and deploy highly structured assessment centres that identify and assess aptitude and behaviour for the purpose of talent identififcation, selection and development.
Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools

Administer and interpret various assessment tools, including Everything DiSC behavioural assessments and Appraisal 360; an incredibly powerful yet user friendly multi-rater feedback tool.

The Approach

Talent assessments help determine if a candidate is a good fit for a job or promotion, and highlight areas for development. To ensure their validity we employ a rigerous methodology centred around three key principals:

Concise Objectives

Concise objectives and a clear understanding of what is being assessed is critical to the success of any talent assessment.

The Right Tools

Chosing the right tools (psychometrics / 360s / simulations) is critical to the fairness and validity of any talent assessment.

Make It Real

Assessment activities must be real, and based on tasks that are specific to the role which candidates are being assessed against.