Acceler8 is a unique blended learning experience that develops leaders effectively and efficiently by empowering them to take charge of their own development.
Acceler8 is a unique, effective and efficient way to develop winning leadership behaviours. It is designed to go beyond understanding a breadth of different theoretical models and best practices into real-world application and mastery of a competency.
  • Learners focus on mastering one competency at a time
  • Learners decide what competency they need to master
  • Learners play an active role in coaching other learners
  • Managers play an active role in reinforcing the learning
Learners gain confidence and mastery of a competency whilst helping other learners to gain confidence and mastery of a competency.

10 competencies every leader should master 

Effective Communication

Building Relationships

Engaging & Motivating Others

Developing Others

Effective Delegation

Leading Without Authority

Leading Remote Teams

Managing Change

Managing Performance

Managing Upwards

Frequently Asked Questions

Mastery of a competency doesn’t happen over night. It requires the right amount of know-how, on-the-job application, feedback, reflection in action and reflection on action.
Coaching pods are intimate collaborative learning environments where learners quickly come to realise that they are not alone as they share their experiences and help one another. Learner's coach one another whilst receiving on-the-spot feedback on their coaching by the pod leader.
Coaching pods are 2 hours in duration and are designed to focus on practical and actionable outcomes.

  • The pod leader starts each coaching pod with a quick recap of key concepts covered in the curriculum.
  • Learners take turns to get coached by their pod peers while the pod leader provides real-time feedback.
  • Learners commit to a series of developmental actions that are to be implemented before the next session.
  • Learners check-in with their manager after every coaching pod for feedback on their developmental actions.
Coaching pods consist of 3 learners and an International Coach Federation accredited coach.
Acceler8 spans 12 weeks and is deployed using highly intimate and structured coaching pods that are backed by a pragmatic curriculum delivered through a micro learning platform. 

Clients can deploy as little as one or up to twenty pods at any one time without having to worry about the logistics, which are managed by a dedicated program leader.

Acceler8 can even be customised to dovetail into any existing leadership development program.
Acceler8 is suitable for individual contributors that have just transitioned into a people leadership role, team leaders who have had little or no formal training and mid-level managers.

It’s effective, efficient, inexpensive, flexible and comes with a guarantee

There are a host of reasons why you should Acceler8 your leaders, but here are 5 that really matter:
  • It’s Effective: Learners are more invested when they focus on mastering the one competency that really matters to them.
  • It’s Efficient: Learners are able to instantly apply what they have learned in a manner that is appropriate to them.
  • It’s Flexible: Acceler8 can be deployed in various formats and customised in various ways.
  • It’s Inexpensive: Learners will master a competency for as little as USD 100 per week.
  • It’s Guaranteed: We offer a money back guarantee on any learner that does not improve.