Acceler8 - The Essential Skills Series

Acceler8 - The Essential Skills Series

We can’t afford to have our people out of the office for an entire day just for training. We’ve got limited resources for people development. Management is not really that supportive of learning and development.

These are sentiments that we are all too familiar with, and is why we created Acceler8!

Spanning 3 months, Acceler8 is a unique and highly efficient learner-centric blended learning experience that puts the learner in charge of his or her learning.

  • Learners choose what they want to learn
  • Learners choose when they want to learn
  • Learning is delivered in bite-sized chunks
  • Learners focus on building one proficiency at a time
  • Learners have access to a coach on demand


The Learning Elements

The learning elements incorporated into Acceler8 are designed to maximise effectiveness and efficiency by enabling the learner to be in charge of his or her learning. They include:

Selection Interview Learners are interviewed by the program leader to ascertain whether they are ready and committed to learning. If successful, learners are then provided with a welcome pack which contains detailed instructions on how to get the most out of the program.
Topic Selection Learners discuss their immediate learning needs with their manager and select the 3 learning units that they wish to focus on over the next 3 months. The learning units should be those that are most important to them at this point.
Micro Learning A series of bite-sized learning elements (articles, case studies and videos) on the selected learning units will be distributed to learners at the beginning of the month via a mobile application. A facilitator will then lead a discussion on each learning element.
Virtual Workshop Learners take part in a 3-hour virtual workshop on each of the selected learning units. There is a maximum of 6 learners in each workshop. The first 45 minutes are dedicated to solidifying concepts, and the remainder is dedicated to the application.
Application in Action Learners implement an action plan for each of the selected learning units. The action plan may require feedback from peers, managers and direct reports (if any). Should the learner require help at any stage, a coach is available to them via a mobile application.
Learning Evaluation Upon completing each of the selected learning units, learners sit an online test to assess their comprehension. They are also required to seek feedback from peers, managers and direct reports (if any) on their progression. 


The Essential Skills

The following list of essential skills has been derived from a selection of competency frameworks across a variety of different industries. 

Universal Skills
Collaboration Learn how to build purposeful relationships in which all parties choose to cooperate in order to accomplish a shared outcome.
Communication Learn how to communicate effectively by adapting your communication style and messaging to suit different people.
Decision-Making Learn how to make timely and sound judgements with available resources, even in times of risk and uncertainty or when data is limited.
Influence Learn how to influence the beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations and behaviours of others.
Problem-Solving Learn how to effectively solve problems through identification and classification and proper planning.
Time Management Learn how to maximise the effective use of time by balancing various tasks while concentrating on key priorities.


Leadership Skills
Adaptive Leadership Learn how to lead different people by adapting your leadership style to suit the situation and desired objective.
Change Management Learn how to prepare and support the needs of in dividuals, teams and organisations as they make a transitional change.
Coaching Learn how to engage in meaningful coaching conversations that help people to overcome behavioural and performance-related roadblocks.
Feed Forward Learn how to effectively frame the conversation and create a dialogue focused on positive change by applying The Feed Forward Diamond.
Motivation Learn how to develop a motivational environment by minimising factors that lead to dissatisfaction and activities to individual needs.
Performance Management Learn how to proactively manage performance through the co-creation of performance improvement planning.