Catalyst 360

Gain a balanced, holistic view on how well your leaders are really performing with Catalyst 360

The ability to gain a balanced, holistic view on how leaders are performing is an undisputed competitive advantage. It’s a competitive advantage that is equally important for individuals and organisations.

  • From an individual perspective, knowing what impact we have on those around us it is key to increasing our self-awareness. It also sets a solid foundation for our personal development.
  • From an organisational perspective, knowing what impact leaders have on those around them is key to making informed decisions around talent identification, career advancement and development.
Catalyst 360 is customized 360-degree feedback service that is designed to provide the data needed to increase self-awareness and take the guess work out of these decisions.


Identify the competencies needed for success in the rolea


Design the right survey for the competencies being measured


Select appropriate raters, administer surveys and generate reports


Debrief the report and craft and individual development plan

Why Choose Catalyst 360

  • It is customised to the specific needs of the organisation and the role
  • It is competency-based feedback and aligned to personal development
  • It employs Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) to minimize subjectivity
  • The debriefs are delivered by highly experienced leadership coaches
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