Carefully designed assessment and development centres combined with the right mix of assessment tools enable organisations to make informed talent identification, selection and development decisions.

Identifying real talent is a challenge faced by most organisations, and the consequences of recruiting and promoting the wrong people are well known.

The ability to identify the right people for the right roles, now and in the future, is an undisputable competitive advantage.

Northpoint helps organisations to map out their talent strategy by understanding the talent they have now versus the talent they need.

The right assessment methodology combined with the right assessment tools enables organisations to select and develop the right people for the right roles.
Assessment & Development Centres

Assessment & Development Centres

Design and administer bespoke assessment and development centres for the purpose of enhancing talent identififcation, selection and development decisions.
Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools

Administer and interpret various psychometric assessments and 360 degree surveys for the purpose of building self awareness and measuring apptitude, cognitive reasoning and personality.
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Northpoint was founded on the belief that leadership is what separates a place of work from a place to work and that everyone has the potential to be a great leader.