Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys

Bespoke learning journeys provide a platform for organisations to develop leaders and foster positive leadership habits.
Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Interactive and engaging, cross-platform digital learning elements reinforce learning and support the ongoing development of leaders.


Coaching sessions with highly experienced coaches help leaders to achieve positive and sustainable behavioural change.
Talent Assessments

Talent Assessments

Carefully designed assessments - combined with a variety of assessment tools - enable organisations to make informed talent decisions.

How We Work

Although their needs may be similar, there is one thing we know for sure; no two customers are the same. They all require their own unique learning and development solution.
Our Approach

Assess the Need

An initial discussion with the Human Resource / Learning & Development team to assess the need, and what's driving the need. We may or may not be the right people for the job!

Identify the Outcomes

A detailed discussion with the Human Resource / Learning & Development team together with senior business leaders to clarify objectives and outcomes and how they should be measured.

Design the Solution

The solution design is presented to key stakeholders for approval. Once approved, the solution is developed and is presented to key stakeholders for final approval.

Execute with Precision

The solution is deployed in part or entirely by Northpoint. Depending on the complexity, this could involve multiple levels of check-ins and reviews to assess whether we have achieved the objectives.